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Accessibility Act in Condos

Protecting Human Rights and Accessibility 

Did you know that condominiums must comply to Provincial Government Legislation AODA which is the Accessibility under the Minister of Community and Social Services.   Province of Ontario Accessibility Laws

Ontario has four (4) Accessibility Standards which can be identified in the provincial government by clicking here for the Government of Ontario Wizard.     This will provide you with a comprehensive personalize summary of what you have to do for compliance.  Persons with disabilities as studied and announced by the Royal Bank account for approx 25 Billion Dollars spending annually.  This number will rise as the population ages.

It is important to create a Province to allow all people, business and our communities to provide equal accessibility, goods and service and equal participation for everyone.   Condo Corporations must comply with this Act or they will be fined accordingly.

Chamber of Commerce's Partners with Province

Canadian Human Rights - Government of Canada - Justice Laws Act 

  1. click - Human Rights Act  
  2. click - Ministry of Attorney General - Human Rights in Ontario

The Condo Owners Association will be discussing Human Rights for Condo Owners with the Attorney Generals office.  Under the purpose of this act is to extend the laws in Canada to allow all individuals to have equal opportunity without prevention or discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted.   Also discrimination of pregnancy or child-birth. 

Condo Owners can find some protection under the Human Rights Act.  The Human Rights Code protects every person's right to equal treatment without defamation, slander or insult.

Standard of Human Rights Laws in Ontario

*  Service

* Accommodation

* Harassment in Accommodation

* Contracts * Employment

* Person's accommodation under eighteern


Note:  Fifteen (15) grounds of discrimination:

*  place of origin                       *  ethnic original        *  colour                          *  citizenship

*  age record of Offence           *  family status           *  creed                           *   creed

*  receipt of public assistance    * marital status          *  sexual orientation         *   disability


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